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                Imagine That Remote Learning K-5th grade

 We are offering Remote Learning/Virtual Academy for K-5th grade 
-Our hours are 8:45-1:15
-Our teachers will assist the children will all of their assignments. 
-Each student must bring his or her own device, charger and  
-Imagine That is not responsible for lost or damaged personal device. 
 Please place appropriate cases/protectors on your child’s device.
-The parents will inform staff on what assignments need to be  
 completed and how much time is needed to be spent on the  
 school work.
-We will assist the student with their assignments.
-We will offer some free play in our block center, dramatic play area, 
 science area and offer art time. 
-Each student will pack a peanut free lunch.
-Each child will have its own work space.
- No refunds and no make up days will be offered.
-You only pay for the weeks that you sign up for, but you must prepay 
 by the Friday the week before you are attending to reserve your space, 
 as they are very limited. You can pay by cash, check  
 or venom @Jodi-Burke-6.
-Each child will have their temperature taken before entering the 
 classroom and they must be in good health.
-Children ages 5 and older will need to wear a mask.

The cost is:                                                                       
$120 for 5 days
$103 for 4 days
$85 for 3 days
$60 for 2 days
$35 for 1 day

Sibling discounts:
10% off second child
30% off third child