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Yoga for Kids: The practice of yoga is dedicated to the health of the body and to peace, strength and clarity of mind. Yoga has enjoyed popularity with adults for many years. Children are now being introduced to yoga through its inclusion in more and more child development programs. Observed benefits include increasing the child's self-awareness, building his or her self-esteem, and strengthening bodies and minds, to name a few.
This program is taught by a certified Yoga instructor with experience in teaching kids in different countries and cultures. Yoga for Kids incorporates imaginary animals and captivating stories to create an engaging atmosphere where the students can learn by doing.

Zumba Kids with Spanish Learning: is a fun fitness program designed with kids in mind. Energetic dance rhythms are combined with games to create a positive fitness environment for children. Classes are designed to teach confidence, pride, memory, creativity and balance. Teamwork and leadership skills are also developed.

We will also be adding an additional dimension to this program by introducing and reinforcing a Spanish curriculum. The instructor's resume includes teaching Zumba in different countries and speaking several languages fluently, including Spanish.

Both the Zumba and Yoga programs are designed to fit any child from any background, boy or girl, at any fitness level or body size.

This is currently only at our Apex school.

ImagineThat is pleased to announce the following two program additions for children ages three-years and older. These programs will be offered at both ImagineThat locations (Holly Springs and Apex). There will be no additional costs for these programs. Please call for questions or more details.